Last Updated: One fine day in July 2020


Who Am I:

Abul. 25.3021 years old. Dreamer. Lover of life.


My mission:

Bring inspiration and innovation to the world.


What I’m doing now:

  • Workout 160 mins a week
  • Read/Learn ~700 mins a week (Currently learning DARQ, iOS app development)
  • Meditate 60 mins a week
  • Growing a global CPG brand’s DTC eCommerce.
  • Constantly thinking about how to educate more people.
  • Recently started blogging on Medium
  • Trying, failing, learning, doing and repeat until done.


What I’m focusing on now:

  • Build an iOS app
  • Work on a DARQ project
  • Get to 12% body fat
  • Research & develop a specific niche based on e-commerce and growth marketing.


What I did in the past:

  • Co-Founded a tech startup in 2015.
  • Worked with a consumer goods brand as a Director of E-Commerce


My 2020 new year resolutions:

  • Learn 2 new skills
  • Add 1 more revenue stream or Invest in 1 startup or Start a new business
  • Educate at least 10 people with what I learned.


Thank you for reading my now page. Stay tuned!