Get Equipped For Growth

A 14-Step Audit To Fast Track Conversion For Your eCommerce Store

This Growth Accelerator Program is designed for ecommerce stores turning over less than $0.75M per year. A simple audit process where you receive a stack of insight on the tools, data and customer-centred strategies that will help you grow your business profitably and sustainably through customer conversion optimisation and repeat business.

  • Ensure your customer journey is clear and easy to follow delivering you recommendations on shipping, price and discounting strategies.
  • Check site speed and make you aware of any performance issues
  • Check Google Analytics, Tag Manager and any other site tracking software is tracking goals, events and attribution correctly.
  • Review post-purchase communications
  • Recommendations on technology to help you gain a better understanding of customer lifetime value
  • Review returns policy and provide recommendations on taking a customer-centred approach to handling product exchange and returns
  • Deliver recommendations on the use of customer social proof apps + tools
  • Review cart abandonment campaigns and advise on copy, timings and open rate expectations.
  • Ideas to help you increase customer reviews
  • Give feedback relating to the use of list growth tools – ie. exit-intent and on-site forms
  • Review email marketing performance inc. newsletters and welcome sequences
  • Advise on use of loyalty programmes
  • Advise on use of customer service management software and chatbots
  • Complete review of all installed apps, technology and software with recommendations


3 Fundamental Ways of Driving eCommerce Sales Growth

Increasing brand awareness and traffic

By placing a focus brand reach in your target market and then driving quality traffic from brand advocates, search (paid, organic), retargeting, social media, referral marketing and content (editorial, visuals, video).

Increasing average order value and conversions

Using shopper psychology, conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and shopping cart optimisation to squeeze out more sales from existing traffic and nudging up your customers to add more items to their shopping carts.

Increasing repeat customers

Online retail success is not a one-night stand affair; repeat shoppers account for 40% of online sales. It is pertinent to effectively build affinity and loyalty by post-sale communication with offers and rich content through email, social media and retargeting.


Invest In Your eCommerce Brand with Confidence

Ecommerce Growth Accelerator Program delivers you 14-step guidance to ensure you're using the right technology in the right way to drive growth for your business.

It's a service package that ensures your growth strategy is optimised and gives you confidence to drive traffic to your site that converts.

Across the 14 stages I will provide you the insights that you need to grow your business. 

  • Your eCommerce Growth Accelerator audit price varies with your team size and couple other factors
  • This is typically a one week turnaround process
  • All work is carried out under a strict NDA
  • Deliverables will include a full documentation for growth opportunities plus two hour review call